Can children visit the Blue Lagoon?

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Yes, children can visit the Blue Lagoon. However, keep an eye on them especially if they are young or not strong swimmers.

Are there age restrictions at the Blue Lagoon?

There are no age restrictions, but young children should be supervised at all times.

Do children require supervision at the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, children must be supervised by adults at all times at the Plava Laguna.

Are there child tickets for the Blue Lagoon tour?

No, just like adults children do not need to buy tickets to visit or swim in the lagoon.

Is the Blue Lagoon tour suitable for children of all ages?

Most tours are suitable for children of 6 or more years, or children who can comfortably swim and enjoy boat rides. There are tours that will take children younger than six years old.

Blue Lagoon and Šolta Day Trip

Do I need to bring life jackets for my children to the Plava Laguna?

No, life jackets are provided by the tour operator.

Are there any facilities for children at the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, facilities are limited but there is a beach called “Beach for Children” on the big island. Also, the boat will have basic amenities suitable for children.

What should children wear to the Blue Lagoon?

Children should wear swimwear, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable water shoes. Bringing a change of clothes is also advisable. And always bring water even though tour operators might have water.

Are there educational materials or programs for children about the Blue Lagoon?

No, some tours may offer some educational information. But it’s best to bring your materials if you want to provide a learning experience.

Can I take a stroller to the Blue Lagoon?

Strollers are not practical due to the boat ride and natural terrain, so it’s best to use a baby carrier if needed.

Is there a discount for family packages to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, some tour operators offer family package discounts.

Can children with disabilities visit the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, but it’s important to check with the tour operator to ensure they can accommodate any special needs.

Is there any special preparation required for children visiting the lagoon?

Make sure children are prepared for a boat ride, have proper sun protection, and bring snacks and water.

Are there food and drinks available for children near the Blue Lagoon?

Some tours may provide snacks and drinks but always bring your own. Summers are hot in Croatia, and you should make sure you and especially the kids are drinking enough water.

Is the boat ride to the Blue Lagoon safe for children?

Yes, the boat ride is safe for children as long as they wear life jackets and are supervised. Remember the rides can be bumpy.

What is the best time for children to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Early morning or late afternoon tours are often less crowded and it isn’t as hot. That can be more enjoyable for children.

Can children swim in the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, children can swim in the Blue Lagoon under adult supervision.

Can children visit the lagoon during any season?

The best time to visit the Blue Lagoon is during the summer months (May-September), as tours are limited during the off-season.

How long does the Blue Lagoon tour take?

The tour typically lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

Are there any nearby attractions suitable for children?

No, nearby attractions can also be enjoyable for children but there is nothing especially suitable for children.

How can I prepare my child for the boat ride to the lagoon?

Talk to your child about the boat ride, bring snacks, and water, and ensure they have sun protection. Seasickness medication might be needed if they are prone to motion sickness.

Are there bathrooms available for children at the Blue Lagoon?

There are basic bathroom facilities on some tour boats. And on the island of Drvenik Veli, there are restaurants and coffee shops with bathrooms.

Can I bring my baby to the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, you can bring your baby, but that doesn’t mean you should. Summers are hot and the ride to the lagoon can be bumpy, not something designed for babies.

Can I change my baby’s diaper at the Blue Lagoon?

It’s best to change your baby’s diaper on the boat or the main island.

Is there a recommended age for children to enjoy the Lagoon tour fully?

While children of all ages can enjoy the tour, it’s best suited for children who are comfortable with swimming and boat rides, typically ages 4 and up.