How large is the Blue Lagoon area?

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The Croatian Blue Lagoon covers an area of about 200 meters in length and 100 meters in width.

How deep is the water in the Blue Lagoon?

The water in the Blue Lagoon area is about 10 to 20 meters (32 to 65 feet) deep at its deepest point.

Are there other lagoons like the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, there are other blue lagoons in Croatia and the world. In Hrvatska, there are:

There are also a lot of blue lagoons true the world, most famous one being in Iceland. However, while they are all beautiful in their on ways, the best one to visit this summer is the Croatian beauty that is Plava Laguna.

Blue Lagoon – Croatia

How did the Blue Lagoon get its name?

The Blue Lagoon got its name from the vibrant blue color of its waters, same way the Blue Cave got its name.

Why does the Blue Lagoon glow?

The shining summer sun reflects on the ever-moving surface of the sea, and with that, it creates a glowing effect. But unlike the movie it wont make you dull.

Why is the Blue Lagoon blue?

The Blue Lagoon is blue because the light blue sky and the shining sun reflect in the clear water, the bright rocky bottom of the lagoon isn’t too deep to make the water dark blue.

Has the Blue Lagoon changed over time?

Yes, the Blue Lagoon has changed over time most notably by the number of people visiting it. The Blue Lagoon has seen a huge boom in popularity over the years.

How long did it take for the Blue Lagoon to form?

It took thousands of years for the Blue Lagoon to form through natural erosion processes.

Who discovered the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon was popularized by Baron Eugen von Ransonnet in the 19th century, who documented its beauty and made the Plava Laguna become an formidable attraction.

Can the Blue Lagoon change color?

The Blue Lagoon’s color can appear different depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and angle of the sun.

Does the color of the Blue Lagoon change throughout the day?

Yes, the color can change throughout the day depending on the angle of the sun and lighting conditions.

Does the Blue Lagoon’s color depend on the weather?

Yes, the color is more vibrant on sunny days and can appear less intense or gray on cloudy days.

Are there living creatures in the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, there are various marine creatures such as fish, sea urchins, and invertebrates in the Blue Lagoon.

Does the Blue Lagoon support any unique ecosystems?

Yes, the Blue Lagoon supports a unique marine ecosystem with 7, 000 fish species, invertebrates, and 6, 000 marine plant species.

What is the temperature at the Blue Lagoon?

The water temperature in the Blue Lagoon typically ranges from comfortable 24°C (75°F) in summer to more then refreshing 13°C (55°F) in winter.

Does the temperature at the Blue Lagoon change with the seasons?

Yes, the water temperature in the Blue Lagoon changes with the seasons, ranging from 24°C (75°F) in summer to 13°C (55°F) in winter.

Is the Blue Lagoon’s color natural?

Yes, the blue color of the Blue Lagoon is entirely natural. The sun, sky, and sea bed give the lagoon its amazing colors.

What are the beaches around the Blue Lagoon like?

The beaches around the Blue Lagoon are primarily limestone or pebble beaches, which are light-colored and contribute to the lagoon’s blue appearance.