Is the Blue Lagoon accessible to people with disabilities?

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The Blue Lagoon accessibility is challenging because it is just sea, so it depends more on the boat.

Also, some older parts of the island will be harder to navigate. Newer-built parts will be much more accessible.

Are there wheelchair-accessible boats to the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, some tour operators offer wheelchair-accessible boats, but it’s best to check with the operator. A bigger boat is always a better option.

Can people with mobility impairments visit the Blue Lagoon?

Yes, people with mobility impairments can visit the Blue Lagoon, but they may need assistance and should confirm accessibility details with the tour operator.

Are there facilities for the visually impaired at the Blue Lagoon?

There are no specific facilities for the visually impaired, but guides can offer additional assistance if requested.

Are service animals allowed on the Blue Lagoon tours?

Service animals are most likely not allowed, but it’s best to check with the tour operator.

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Are there any disability discounts for the Blue Lagoon tours?

Most of the time tours don’t offer disability discounts. However, if a tour does offer it it will be specified in the description.

Are there accessible restrooms at the Blue Lagoon?

No, accessible restrooms are not available at the Blue Lagoon but may be available on larger boats or in the facilities on the island of Drvenik Veli.

Is the boat ride to the Blue Lagoon suitable for individuals with disabilities?

The boat ride can be suitable for individuals with disabilities, depending on the type of tour and the type of boat.

A bigger boat will be more accommodating than a smaller boat or speed boat.

Are the tour guides trained to assist people with disabilities?

Yes, there are tour guides who receive basic training to assist people with disabilities. But it’s best to confirm with the tour operator if they have personnel trained for that.

Are there any special arrangements that can be made for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, special arrangements can be made, such as providing extra assistance or ensuring accessible facilities. Contact the tour operator in advance to discuss needs.

Can the tour boats accommodate motorized wheelchairs?

Larger tour boats may accommodate motorized wheelchairs, but it’s important to check with the tour operator.

Are there places to sit during the tour?

Yes, there are places to sit on the tour boats, and some may have designated seating for individuals with disabilities.

Is the Blue Lagoon tour suitable for people with medical conditions?

Yes, but individuals with medical conditions should inform the tour operator and carry any necessary medications.

Can I bring my personal mobility equipment for the tour?

Yes, you can bring your personal mobility equipment, but check with the tour operator to ensure they can accommodate it.

Are the boat operators trained in handling emergencies for people with disabilities?

All boat operators are trained in basic emergency procedures, but it’s advisable to confirm with the operator that they are equipped for a specific disability.

Are there sign language interpreters available for the tour?

Sign language interpreters are generally not available, but you can inquire if special arrangements can be made.

Can I rent a wheelchair at the Blue Lagoon?

No, wheelchair rentals are not available at the Blue Lagoon, so it’s best to bring your own.

Are there any nearby attractions that are accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, nearby towns like Split and Trogir have accessible attractions and facilities for people with disabilities. The islands will always be less accessible, especially the smaller ones.

Is there a first aid kit available on the tour boats?

Yes, tour boats have a first aid kit on board.

Can the tour be customized to accommodate visitors with disabilities?

Yes, tours can be customized to accommodate visitors, but those tours will most likely have to be private. Contact the operator to discuss your needs.

Are there designated parking spaces for people with disabilities near the Lagoon departure points?

Yes, there are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities at major departure points like Split and Trogir.

Are there any audio guides available for visitors with visual impairments?

Audio guides are not commonly available, but you can inquire with the tour operator about any special arrangements.

Can I request additional assistance or a personal guide for the Blue Lagoon tour if I have a disability?

Yes, you can request additional assistance or a personal guide. It’s best to arrange this in advance with the tour operator.