Can I book a private tour of the Blue Cave?

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Yes, many tour operators offer private tours of the Blue Cave. These can often be customized to your group’s interests and schedule.

How much does a private tour of the Blue Cave cost?

The cost of a private tour can vary greatly depending on the duration of the tour, the number of people in your group, and any additional activities or sites included. Generally, prices can range from 200 to 500 Euros.

How can I book a private tour?

You can book a private tour through a local tour operator’s website, over the phone, or through a travel agency.

What does a private tour include?

Most private tours include transportation to and from the Blue Cave, a guided tour of the cave, and often some additional activities or site visits. Check with your tour operator for specific details.

Can I customize my private tour?

Yes, many tour operators are flexible and will allow you to customize your tour to include additional sites or activities that interest you.

Croatia – Elaphite Islands Boat Tour – September 2022 – Blue Cave

How many people can I include in my private tour?

The number of people you can include in your private tour will depend on the tour operator and the size of their boats. Some operators can accommodate groups of up to 12 or 15 people.

Can I book a private tour on the day of my visit?

While it may be possible to book a private tour on the day of your visit, it’s generally recommended to book in advance to ensure availability.

What language are the private tours conducted in?

Most tour operators offer tours in English, but tours may also be available in other languages. Check with your tour operator to confirm.

Do private tours operate year-round?

The Blue Cave is typically open from April to October, and private tours are usually available during this period. Some operators may offer tours in the off-season, but this can depend on weather conditions.

How long is a private tour of the Blue Cave?

A private tour of the Blue Cave can last anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the itinerary.

Is transportation included in the private tour?

Yes, most private tours include transportation to and from the Blue Cave from a designated meeting point.

Are private tours suitable for children?

Yes, private tours can be a great option for families with children, as they allow for more flexibility and personal attention from the guide.

Can I cancel my private tour if the weather is bad?

Most tour operators have a cancellation policy that allows for cancellations in case of bad weather. Check with your operator for specifics.

Can I swim during the private tour?

This depends on the operator and the specific tour, but many private tours allow time for swimming at the Blue Cave or at other stops.

Are private tours accessible for people with disabilities?

Accessibility can vary between operators and boats, so it’s best to check with the tour operator directly.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the private tour?

Policies on bringing your own food and drinks can vary by tour operator, so it’s best to ask in advance.

Can I bring my pet on the private tour?

Generally, pets are not allowed on the tours due to safety and regulations. However, you should check with the specific tour operator.

Is snorkeling gear provided on the private tour?

Some private tours provide snorkeling gear, but you should check with your specific tour operator to confirm.

Are life jackets provided on the private tour?

Yes, life jackets are typically provided and are mandatory to wear during the boat ride to the Blue Cave.

What other sites can I visit as part of my private tour?

Other popular sites that can be included in your private tour include the Green Cave, Stiniva Cove, Budikovac Island, and the town of Hvar.

What happens if the Blue Cave is closed on the day of my private tour?

If the Blue Cave is closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, most tour operators will try to rearrange your tour or offer a refund.

Do I need to tip the tour guide on a private tour?

Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated. If your guide provided excellent service, a tip of 10-15% of the tour cost is customary.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my private tour?

Cancellation policies can vary by tour operator. Most offer a full or partial refund if you cancel a certain number of days in advance.

Are there any safety rules I should be aware of during the private tour?

Yes, safety rules include wearing a life jacket during the boat ride, not touching the cave walls, and following the guide’s instructions at all times.

Can I take photos during the private tour?

Yes, photography is allowed and encouraged during the private tour. However, flash photography is not permitted inside the Blue Cave to protect its natural features.