Can I rent a boat to visit the Blue Cave?

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Yes! You can get a private charter boat if you have the right licenses, you can also get a guided tour (solo or with a group). Remember that with a rental boat, you can get to the Blue Cave but you cannot go inside it, only designated boats can enter the Blue Grotto.

Do I need a license to rent a boat?

To rent (charter) a boat in Croatia, somebody onboard has to be both 18 years or older and a certified skipper. Also note that Croatian law states, that every skipper is required to possess a valid VHF radio license.

How long does it take to reach the Blue Cave by boat?

The Blue Cave is located on the eastern flank of Island Biševo. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the Blue Cave from Split by speedboat. However, the journey depends on three things where is the starting point, what kind of boat you are on, and lastly, what is the weather like. The no-tour/public transportation option takes longer than a speed boat but is cheaper.

What should I bring for the boat trip?

Sunscreen, hats, bottled water, snacks, swimwear, something for the wind on the boat, and a camera are a good start! We also have a more detailed list.

The Blue Cave

Are life jackets provided with the boat rental?

Yes, for safety reasons, life jackets are provided and are often mandatory for children. Croatian law states you have to wear a life jacket on any boat exceeding 20 knots (23 mph, 37 km/h).

What happens if the sea conditions are poor?

Boating could be dangerous, so rentals might be suspended or you may be advised not to go out. Check with your tour provider, also see if there are any warnings issued.

Are there guided tours available to the Blue Cave?

Yes, there are different guided tours you can get. The guides take you to the cave and (depending on the tour) other interesting places around it, you will get some interesting history of the aria while traveling through amazing scenery.

Can I dock the boat at the Blue Cave?

You can’t dock the boat at the cave. There are specific mooring areas or ports such as Mezoporat where you can also get tickets to the Blue Cave.

Can I swim in the Blue Cave?

No, swimming in the Blue Cave is prohibited for safety reasons and to keep the waters clear.

Can I rent a boat for more than one day?

Certainly, you can rent a boat anywhere from 1 day up to 6+ weeks, depending on what you need it for and who you are getting the boat from.

What types of boats are available for rent?

There is a large number of different boats available for rent. From dinghies, speed boats, sailboats, yachts, and anything in between you will find something that suits your type of travel best.

What is the capacity of a rental boat?

The capacity of the boat depends on the size and type. The most common boat size for rentals fits around 6 people.

Are there age restrictions to rent a boat?

Yes, you need to be 18 or older with a license to rent a boat in Croatia.

Can I fish from the rental boat?

As long as you have the necessary permits you can fish from a rental boat. Also, be aware of local fishing regulations.

Can I bring pets on the rental boat?

Depends if the charter company is pet friendly or not. Always check if the charter company you are using, or the beach you are going to is pet friendly.

Do I need to refill the fuel before returning a rental boat?

Most rental agreements would want you to return the boat with the same fuel level as when you rented it.

What should I do if a rental boat breaks down?

Rental companies provide emergency contact information call the number and let them know what happened. In the meantime stay calm and ensure everybody is safe.

What happens if I damage a rental boat?

The security deposit, the money you pay upfront, is used if you damage the boat because you didn’t handle it correctly, this deposit will cover the costs. It’s usually 0.5 – 1% of the boat’s value, similar to the boat insurance policy’s deductible.

Can I cancel my boat rental?

Yes, but cancellation policies vary. Check the terms when you book to see if you’ll be charged a fee or if there’s a deadline for cancellations.