Can I visit the Blue Cave if I am claustrophobic?

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Yes, you can, but it depends on the severity of your claustrophobia. The cave is spacious, but it can still be a challenging experience for someone who has claustrophobia. It’s recommended to discuss this with your tour guide before the tour.

How big is the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is around 24 meters long, 12 meters high, and 10-12 meters deep, which provides a relatively spacious environment.

Can I leave the tour if I feel uncomfortable due to my claustrophobia?

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you should let your tour guide know. Safety is a priority, and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Are there any precautions I should take before visiting the Blue Cave if I am claustrophobic?

It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the layout and size of the cave, speak with your tour guide about your concerns, and employ any coping mechanisms that usually help you manage your claustrophobia.

How long does a tour of the Blue Cave last?

The boat tour inside the Blue Cave typically lasts around 15 minutes.

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Can I exit the Blue Cave quickly if I start to feel claustrophobic?

The tour guide controls the speed of the boat and the duration of the tour. If you start feeling claustrophobic, communicate this to your guide who will ensure your comfort and safety.

How crowded does the Blue Cave get?

The number of visitors can vary depending on the time of year and day, but each tour boat is limited to a small number of passengers.

Will I be alone in the Blue Cave?

No, you’ll be with a small group of people and a tour guide.

Can I bring a support person with me on the tour if I am claustrophobic?

Yes, you can bring a support person, but please remember the boats have limited capacity.

Are there any techniques to cope with claustrophobia inside the Blue Cave?

Techniques such as deep breathing exercises, focusing on positive images, or distracting yourself can be helpful.

Can I use medication to manage my claustrophobia for the Blue Cave tour?

If you have medication prescribed by a doctor for your claustrophobia, you can use it according to your doctor’s instructions. However, always consult with your doctor first.

Is the interior of the Blue Cave well lit?

The Blue Cave is not artificially lit, but it is famous for the natural blue light that illuminates the interior when sunlight refracts through the water.

Can I visit the Blue Cave at less busy times if I am claustrophobic?

Yes, it is usually less crowded early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Can I get a full refund if I decide not to enter the Blue Cave due to my claustrophobia?

Refund policies vary by tour company, so it is recommended to check with your specific operator.

Are there any open areas in the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is a single chamber, and its size provides a certain sense of openness. However, there are no “open-air” sections within the cave.

Are there any alternate tours if I decide not to go inside the Blue Cave due to claustrophobia?

Yes, there are other tours available that explore the coastline and other parts of the Biševo island.

Can I take breaks during the Blue Cave tour?

The tour inside the Blue Cave is quite short, around 15 minutes, so there are no scheduled breaks.

Can the tour guide help me manage my claustrophobia during the Blue Cave tour?

While the tour guides are experienced and will do their best to ensure your comfort, they are not trained mental health professionals.

Is there a limit to the number of people allowed in the Blue Cave at one time?

Yes, the number of people inside the Blue Cave is limited by the number of passengers each boat can carry.

How small is the entrance to the Blue Cave?

The entrance to the Blue Cave is approximately 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide, just enough for a small boat to pass through.

How many exits are in the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave has one main entrance and exit, which is used by the tour boats.

Are the boats used for the tour enclosed?

No, the boats are not enclosed, and passengers can see the sky and surroundings during the tour.

Can I take photos in the Blue Cave?

Yes, photos are allowed and encouraged. The natural lighting inside the cave can make for some stunning shots.

Are there any other attractions in Biševo I can visit if I decide not to enter the Blue Cave?

Yes, Biševo Island has other attractions such as the Green Cave, Monk Seal Cave, and sandy beaches.

Will I be forced to enter the Blue Cave if I don’t feel comfortable?

Absolutely not. Your comfort and safety are paramount, and you will never be forced to do something you’re not comfortable with.