Is it possible to visit the Blue Cave without joining a tour?

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You can visit the Blue Cave without joining a tour. However, you can’t enter the grotto without buying tickets for it at Blue Cave Ticket & Souvenir Shop in Mezoporat near the cave entrance. If you go to the cave with a tour the tickets might be included in the price.

Can I rent a boat and visit the Blue Cave on my own?

Due to safety and conservation reasons, you are not permitted to enter the Blue Cave with a privately rented or owned boat. Access to the cave is strictly controlled and you need to buy tickets to enter if you are not a part of a tour.

If I have my own boat, can I visit the Blue Cave?

Even if you have a boat, you are not permitted to enter the Blue Cave on your own, only boats operated by licensed operators are allowed to enter. You can use a private boat to get to the island of Biševo or to see the Blue Cave entrance.

Why do I need a guide to visit the Blue Cave?

You don’t, with some planning, you can go to the Blue Cave without a guide/tour. To enter the cave you will have to buy a ticket, you will also be on a boat with a skipper is trained to enter the cave. You can’t enter the cave alone.

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Are there any exceptions that allow independent visits to the Blue Cave?

No, there are no exceptions to this rule. Regardless of your experience or qualifications, Croatian law requires that all visitors be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Can I swim in the Blue Cave without a tour?

No, swimming inside the Blue Cave is strictly prohibited, both for safety reasons and to protect the unique and fragile cave environment.

Can I kayak or paddleboard to the Blue Cave on my own?

While you can kayak or paddleboard in the waters around the Blue Cave, you cannot enter the cave on your own, regardless of the type of vessel you are using. All visitors must be part of a guided tour to enter the cave.

How can I find a licensed tour operator to visit the Blue Cave?

There are several tour operators including tickets to the Blue Cave in the tour price. It’s best to research and choose a reputable company that has positive reviews and a track record for safety and respect for the environment. You can also buy a Blue Cave ticket alone, as long as you get to the island of Biševo.

Can I book a private tour to the Blue Cave?

Yes, some tour operators offer private tours to the Blue Cave. While more expensive these can provide a more personalized experience than joining a group tour.

Are tours to the Blue Cave available all year round?

Tours to the Blue Cave are typically available from April to November, depending on weather conditions. The cave is usually closed to visitors during the winter months due to unpredictable sea conditions.

Can I visit the Blue Cave and other nearby attractions in one tour?

Yes, many tour operators offer combined tours that include a visit to the Blue Cave and other nearby attractions such as the Green Cave, Stiniva Cove, and the Pakleni Islands.

How long does a typical tour to the Blue Cave last?

A typical tour to the Blue Cave lasts about 6-12 hours, depending on where the tour starts and how many attractions it stops at.

What should I bring on a tour to the Blue Cave?

It’s recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothes and something to change to, a swimsuit (if you want to swim at other spots), and a camera to capture the beautiful Blue Cave.

What safety measures are taken by tour operators during the visit to the Blue Cave?

Tour operators follow strict safety guidelines. This includes providing life vests, maintaining safe speeds, and ensuring that boats are operated by experienced and licensed captains. Guides also provide safety briefings before entering the cave.