Is the Blue Cave open year-round?

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The Blue Cave is not open year-round. It is typically open from the beginning of April until the end of October, but this can vary based on weather conditions.

When is the Blue Cave closed?

The Blue Cave is typically closed during the off-peak winter months, from November to March, due to harsh weather conditions and rough seas.

Can I visit the Blue Cave in the winter?

Visiting the Blue Cave during the winter is generally not possible as it is closed due to potentially dangerous sea conditions.

Why isn’t the Blue Cave open all year?

The Blue Cave is not open all year primarily due to safety concerns. The winter weather can make the sea rough and dangerous for small boats, making it unsafe for tours.

Blue Cave, Bisevo, Croatia

What are the Blue Cave’s operating hours during its open season?

During the open season, the Blue Cave typically opens from around 8 AM and closes at 7 PM, but times may vary depending on the tour operator and time of year.

Can I visit the Blue Cave outside of the official opening hours?

No, visiting the Blue Cave outside of its official opening hours is not allowed due to safety regulations and respect for the natural environment.

How can I know if the Blue Cave is open on a specific day?

For the most accurate information, it’s recommended to check with the local tour operators or the official tourist information centers in Split, Hvar, or Vis.

Can I book a tour of the Blue Cave during the off-peak months?

No, tours to the Blue Cave are generally not offered during the off-peak months when the cave is closed.

Is the Blue Cave less crowded at certain times during its open season?

The Blue Cave tends to be less crowded at the start and end of the season (April and October) compared to the peak summer months.

What happens to my booking if the Blue Cave is closed due to bad weather?

If the Blue Cave is closed due to bad weather, most tour operators will offer a rescheduling option or a full refund.

Can the Blue Cave be closed for conservation reasons?

While not common, the Blue Cave can be temporarily closed for conservation efforts or maintenance work.

Is there a best time during the day to visit the Blue Cave?

The most popular time to visit is in the morning when the sun is in the perfect position to illuminate the cave in its famous blue light.

Are the other attractions around the Blue Cave also closed during the winter?

Many other attractions around the Blue Cave, like the Green Cave and Stiniva Cove, also have limited access during the winter due to the same safety and weather concerns.

Is the Blue Cave ever open in November or March?

Occasionally, if the weather is exceptionally calm and mild, the cave may be open in early November or late March, but it’s not common.

What are the peak months for visiting the Blue Cave?

The peak months for visiting the Blue Cave are usually July and August, during the height of the tourist season in Croatia.

Are there certain days of the week when the Blue Cave is closed?

No, during its open season, the Blue Cave is open seven days a week.

Does the Blue Cave close for local or national holidays?

The Blue Cave usually remains open for tours during local and national holidays as long as they fall within the open season.

Can I book a tour for the Blue Cave at the start of the open season?

Yes, tours can be booked at the start of the open season, but it’s always a good idea to check the local weather forecast and confirm with tour operators.

What is the earliest I can book a tour for the next open season?

Booking policies vary among tour operators. Some begin accepting bookings as early as the end of the previous season, while others open bookings a few months in advance.

Are there reduced prices for the Blue Cave tours at the start or end of the season?

Prices for tours vary by operator and can sometimes be cheaper during the off-peak periods at the beginning and end of the season.