What should I wear when visiting the Blue Cave?

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You should wear comfortable clothes suitable for a boat ride. A swimsuit underneath is a good idea if you plan to swim at any stops during the tour. Also, bring a light jacket as it can get chilly on the water.

Should I wear a swimsuit to the Blue Cave?

Yes, wearing a swimsuit is recommended, even though swimming inside the Blue Cave itself is usually not allowed. There are usually other stops on the tour where you can swim.

What type of footwear is best for the Blue Cave tour?

Comfortable, non-slip footwear is recommended as you will be boarding and disembarking from a boat. Waterproof sandals or water shoes can be a good option.

Do I need to bring a jacket for the Blue Cave tour?

Yes, bringing a light jacket or windbreaker is a good idea as it can get windy on the boat, and temperatures can be cooler on the water than on land.

Should I bring a change of clothes for the tour?

Yes, bringing a change of clothes can be beneficial, especially if you plan to swim during any stops on the tour.

Blue Cave, Bisevo, Croatia

Can I wear sunglasses during the Blue Cave tour?

Yes, sunglasses are recommended as the glare from the sun on the water can be quite bright.

Should I wear a hat for the Blue Cave tour?

A hat can provide additional protection from the sun, so it’s a good idea to bring one. Just make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t blow off during the boat ride.

Can I wear jewelry on the Blue Cave tour?

It’s best to avoid wearing valuable jewelry on the tour as it can easily be lost during activities like swimming or while on the boat.

Should I wear sunscreen for the Blue Cave tour?

Yes, wearing sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from sunburn, even if the day seems cloudy or cool. The reflection of the sun on the water can intensify UV exposure.

Can I wear my prescription glasses during the tour?

Yes, but it’s advisable to use a strap or cord to secure them, especially during the boat ride or while swimming.

Should I wear a wetsuit for the Blue Cave tour?

Unless you’re scuba diving or the weather is unusually cold, a wetsuit is generally not necessary. The sea temperature in the area is usually comfortable for swimming.

What should I wear if it rains during the tour?

A waterproof jacket or poncho is a good idea if rain is forecasted. Keep in mind that tours may be canceled during poor weather conditions for safety reasons.

Can I wear my contact lenses during the tour?

Yes, but if you plan to swim, it might be a good idea to wear goggles to protect your lenses.

Should I wear my fitness tracker or smartwatch during the tour?

As long as your device is water-resistant and secure on your wrist, it should be fine to wear.

Can I wear my hair down during the tour?

You can, but keep in mind that the wind on the boat can easily tangle loose hair. It might be more comfortable to tie your hair back.

What should children wear on the Blue Cave tour?

Children should wear comfortable clothing and footwear, similar to adults. A swimsuit, light jacket, hat, and sunscreen are also recommended.

Is there a dress code for the Blue Cave tour?

No, there isn’t a specific dress code for the tour. However, comfort, practicality, and weather-appropriate clothing should be considered.

Should I bring a towel on the tour?

Yes, a towel is essential, especially if you plan to swim during the tour’s stops.

Can I wear a backpack during the tour?

Yes, a small backpack or bag is useful for carrying your belongings. However, space on the boat may be limited, so pack light.

Can I wear my hearing aids during the tour?

Yes, but be aware that they could potentially get wet during the boat ride or other activities. Consider using a waterproof cover or removing them during the boat ride.

Can I wear flip-flops or high heels during the tour?

It’s best to avoid wearing flip-flops or high heels as they can be slippery or uncomfortable on a moving boat. Opt for more secure and comfortable footwear.

Do I need to wear a lifejacket during the Blue Cave tour?

Lifejackets are typically provided and may be mandatory to wear while on the boat, depending on the tour operator’s policy and local laws.

Can I wear my regular clothes for swimming?

It’s recommended to wear a swimsuit for swimming for comfort and hygiene reasons.

Should I wear long sleeves or short sleeves for the tour?

This depends on the weather. If it’s a hot day, short sleeves or tank tops are advisable. For cooler days, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket might be more comfortable.

Can I wear a dress or skirt for the Blue Cave tour?

While you can wear a dress or skirt, shorts or pants might be more comfortable and practical for the boat ride and any swimming activities.