Attractions Near The Blue Cave

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There are many attractions on Biševo Island, a hidden gem in the Adriatic known for its stunning Blue Cave. This island, like most of the islands on Croatia’s coast, is a haven of natural beauty and cultural wonders. From the hidden Monk Seal Cave to the scenic Porat beach, Biševo offers a variety of sights. Whether you’re after adventure or relaxation, Biševo’s attractions can fill all of your expectations. Each spot has its charms making every attraction something you can add to your Blue Grotto visit without them fading in the shadow of the cave.

What other attractions are near the Blue Cave?

We split the attractions into two categories, making the list more comprehensible. We have beaches with all “official” beaches on Bisevo. We also have tourist attractions which list historical attractions, and pretty views.

There are three beaches on the island of Bisevo, though you can anchor the boat almost anywhere on the coast and swim there. However, those places will most likely be rocky, making it hard for some people to climb out if they decide to.

The Bostra beach is a beautiful beach hidden on the west side of the island. Not many people know about this beach, and for good reason. The easiest way to reach this beach is by boat. However, it is worth it because this might be the prettiest beach on the list, yet it is the hardest one to reach.

Porat Beach is a beautiful sand beach that is easy to get to. It is on the coast of the town of Porat and is easily reachable by or crossing the island. It is located a bit more north then Boštra beach on the west side of the island.

Also on the west side, but even more north is the Salbunara beach. This is another easy reachable beach that is worth a visit, especially considering the village of Salbunara is an attraction it self.

Tourist Attraction

Hrid is a big rock formation on the coast of Bisevo island. You will pass it on your way to the Blue Cave once you buy a ticket. You might want to take some pictures at the Hrid because it is really interesting for a rock.

The attraction closest to the Blue Cave is no other than the Military Tunnels (Vojni Tuneli). This historical landmark is a newly renovated series of army tunnels that leads to an amazing observation deck called Terasa-vidikovac.

The Blue Cave isn’t the only cave on the island. On the south side, there is another cave called Medvidina špilja. Unlike the Blue Cave, this one is free. Though it does lack the blue glow, it is amazing because you can and will have to swim true the second part of it (bring a waterproof light).

Gatula is another historical remnant of the Yugoslavian army. These well-kept military buildings are cleaned, lit, and safe. Perfect trip for a history buff. The views here are also amazing.

Biševo Salbunara is a small village with an amazing beach. Take a walk and a dip on a relaxing beach. Definitively less popular then the other spots on the island, but just as worth it for a relaxing few hours in the sun.

Tourist Attraction Near The Blue Cave

There’s much more to see in Biševo than just its famous Blue Cave. From the peaceful Porat beach to the fascinating Monk Seal Cave, Biševo offers a mix of natural wonders and cultural highlights. Every part of the island tells its own story, revealing the hidden gems of the Adriatic.

For those wanting to explore the Adriatic sea, our Blue Cave Tours page has great tour options no mater your starting point. You can also tailore your trip and visit what you want using a Rental. If you have more questions see our FAQ page. Biševo Island is not just about the destination; it’s about all the amazing experiences you’ll have along the way.