How To Get To The Blue Cave?

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To get to the Blue Cave you will first need to reach the island of Vis. From there you will have to get a 15-minute ride with a speedboat to the Mezoporat bay. At the bay, you change the speedboat for a small wooden dingy that can enter the cave. Note that you might need to buy a ticket here, depending on the speedboat provider. All of these steps are here in case you are starting from Vis, but how do you get to Vis island.

How to get to the island of Vis?

You can get to the island of Vis by ferry. However, the ferries only go from Split to Vis. You will need to get to Split if you want to get to Vis with a ferry. There are other options, like getting a Blue Cave tour. That way you can choose the tour with the starting place you are at like Zadar, Omis, and Hvar… Though the tours can be constricting, especially with a fixed schedule. A boat rental is a way to get to the Blue Grotto with your tempo. Here are some things you might want to know, for more see our FAQ page or our guide page.

How to get from Split to Blue Cave?

There are two ferry options to get to Vis (and to the cave). The first option is the direct Split–Vis line which is quicker. The second line is Split-Milna (Brač)-Hvar-Vis, this one is good if you want to spend more time watching the amazing scenery as you travel to Vis.

Distance from Split to Vis

A direct line from Split to Vis will travel 29.4 nautical miles, which is roughly 55 kilometers or 34 miles. That distance is traveled in around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

From Vis to the Blue Cave

Once you get to Vis you will need to rent a boat to get to the island of Biševo where the cave is located. However, the caves popularity makes finding a ride to Bisevo quite easy. After you get to Biševo there is one step left, buying the tickets and boarding the dingy that will take you inside the cave. This way of getting to the Blue Cave is easy and cheap, making it perfect if you want to save some money so you can see more beautiful sights in Croatia.

Getting to the Blue Cave

A lot of people might not realize they can not enter the cave without buying a ticket. But buying the ticket is what you need to get on a special boat that will take you inside. That particular step is the same no matter your starting point. That is how you get to the Blue Grotto. The trip to the cave without a tour might sound complicated or scary. However, it’s an adventure that will fulfill you once you get to the Blue Cave.