Is there more than one Blue Cave in Croatia?

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Croatia is home to three spectacular blue caves, with the famed original Blue Cave or Modra Špilja on Biševo Island near Vis. Known for its natural glowing blue light, you can experience this wonder firsthand through amazing tours departing from Split, Trogir, Brač, and Hvar

All the Blue Caves in Croatia

Modra Špilja (Blue Cave) – Biševo

This is the cave you are looking for. On the small island of Biševo across from the island of Vis the magic Blue Grotto is famous worldwide for its magic glow. It is close to cities like Split and Trogir and the islands of Hvar and Brač.

It is famous for the blue glow from the sunlight entering an underwater hole. And with a small entrance, you need a special boat with a trained skipper to enter this cave. The max price of €13 is more than worth the pictures you will take and the memories you will make.

Blue Cave – Koločep

The cave on the island of Koločep near Dubrovnik, featuring an entrance so narrow that one must swim through, is quite popular in its own right. However, it is often confused with the Modra Špilja. While impressive, the light inside this cave is not as pronounced as in the original cave. There have been instances of disappointment, but knowing what to expect should ensure a pleasurable experience. Other wise there would be no tours to it, where you can both swim and snorkel in the cave witch you cant in the original.

Small Blue Cave – Cvatat

The small blue cave in the town of Cavtat doesn’t require a boat ride; you can swim directly to it and inside it. It is quite small, accommodating only a few people at a time. The blue glow exists but is the weakest of the three. While this cave might not be a destination in itself, it is definitely worth a visit if you’re passing by or staying nearby.

How to tell the Blue Caves apart

While Croatia has several blue caves, each offers a unique experience that sets it apart from the others. We hope this article helped you with your future plans to visit our beautiful country of Croatia. If you’re left with questions or need more specifics, check out our detailed FAQ page.

If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, visit our tour page, to prepare for your visit see our article on what to bring to the Blue Cave. For an idea of how to travel to the Blue Cave, our guide on how to get to the Blue Cave will help you navigate your way to this natural wonder. Whether you seek the thrill of discovery or a serene getaway, Croatia’s Blue Caves are a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.