Blue Cave Boat Rental From Brač

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Embark on a memorable journey from Brač, a charming island in the Adriatic Sea. Renting a boat gives you the freedom to explore breathtaking coastlines, hidden bays, and swim in clear waters. Whether you’re after relaxation or adventure, Brač’s boat rentals are ideal for experiencing the island’s natural beauty and cultural charm. So, set off sailing or cruising, and prepare for an exciting trip filled with the stunning beauty of Croatia’s captivating island scenery.

Rental From Supetar

From Supetar to Blue Cave

Supetar, on Brac Island, is a charming Croatian town. Renowned for its beautiful beaches, historical architecture and vibrant cultural scene. This town is and often chosen by travelers visiting or staying in the town. And it is also a perfect starting place for a trip to the other islands near by and the Blue Grotto.

The distance from Supetar to island of Biševo is 37 nautical miles (68.5 km/42.5 mi). Going with a sailboat it would take around 5 hours of amazing scenery and passes between islands. However, if you decide to take a motorboat you can cut down the time to 2 hours, maybe less depending on the type of the boat.

Rental From Postira

From Postira to Blue Cave

Postira town is another historical town with amazing beaches on the island of Brač. Also at the northern side of the island just like Supetar. However, that just means the trip to the cave will be filled with more island coasts to see and visit.

At 40.5 nautical miles (70 km/46.6 mi) from Blue Cave the ride using a sailboat at would be 5 hours and 45 minutes long, But if you decide to go with a motorboat the time is around 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Rental From Bol

From Bol to Blue Cave

The magical town of Bol located at the south side of Brač. Starting from this town you will be passing the great island of Hvar and its beaches, giving you to option of enjoying Hvars beaches up close or just as you pass them on your way to Vis or Biševo.

Bol town is 34.5 nautical miles (64 km/39.7 mi) from the cave. Meaning it would take 4 hours and 50 minutes by a sailboat doing 7 knots. Or if you choose to go with a motorboat the time falls all the way down to 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel.

Rental From Milna

From Milna to Blue Cave

The town of Milna is located on Brac just next to the island of Šolta. Offering amazing views as you pass between them. This is a unique opportunity to visit Solta, Hvar, and Vis, all three islands are on your way to the Blue Cave. Perfect for creating some amazing memories and spending a whole day or more on an adventure visiting different islands in the Adriatic sea.

Milna is 30 nautical miles (55.5 km/34.5 mi) form the cave. So going by sailboat at 7 knots would mean you would reach the cave in 4 hours and 15 minutes. But if you want to cut the trip down and fill the time with visits to other locations or activates, a motorboat trip at 20 knots would take 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Renting a Boat Made Easy

Renting a boat from Hvar allows you to tailor your trip, with the freedom to explore at your own pace. While some may think about renting without a license, it’s crucial to remember that safety should always come first. Opting for a rental with a skipper ensures a hassle-free and safe journey.

Setting off from Hvar, whether aboard a leisurely sailboat or a zippy motorboat, the route to the Blue Cave is as enchanting as the cave itself. If you need more guidance or have any questions, we are here to assist. We also provide tours starting from different towns on the coast and islands.