Blue Cave Boat Rental From Trogir

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Renting a boat from Trogir offers a fantastic way to reach the island of Bisevo and the Blue Cave. Chartering eliminates the constraints of a structured tour and gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace. Choose the perfect balance of speed and comfort, tailoring the journey to the cave to your personal preferences.

From Trogir by Sailboat

A sailboat journey from Trogir to the Blue Cave is a tranquil and scenic experience. Though sailboats are slower compared to motorboats, their charm lies in the journey itself. Sailing across the serene waters, and taking in the stunning coastal landscapes. This relaxed approach allows you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of Croatia before reaching the amazing Blue Cave. The benefits of going to the Blue Cave with a sailboat are the tranquil adventure and eco-friendly connection with nature.

How long is a sailboat trip to Blue Cave from Trogir?

The Blue Grotto is 34 nautical miles (63 km/39 mi) from Trogir. So it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes, sailing at an average speed of 7 knots to get there.

What’s the price for a sailboat rental from Trogir to Blue Cave?

The cost of renting a sailboat varies based on boat size and number of cabins. Averaging about €250 per day, totaling around €1,750 for a week-long rental.

Sailboat models for rent:

Commonly used sailboats in Croatia:

  • Sailboat – a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails
  • Sailing yacht – a larger, more luxurious type of sailboat that often includes comfortable accommodations like bedrooms (cabins), bathrooms (heads), and a kitchen (galley)
  • Catamaran – a boat with two parallel hulls of equal size, it’s more stable than a single-hulled boat, which makes it a popular choice for those prone to seasickness
  • Gulet – a traditional wooden sailboat, often used for charter trips in the Mediterranean, often has both a motor and sails.

From Trogir by Motorboat

Taking a motorboat from Trogir to the Blue Cave combines both speed and beauty. This is perfect for those who prefer the thrill of the ride. Swiftly cuting through the waves, making your way efficiently to the Blue Cave. The benefit of taking a motorboat to the Blue Cave is the fast and efficient trip, giving you more time to explore.

How long is a motorboat trip to Blue Cave from Trogir?

Traveling the 34 nautical miles (63 kilometers/39 miles) from Trogir to Biševo takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes, that is for a boat cruising at a speed of 20 knots.

What’s the price for a motorboat rental from Trogir to Blue Cave?

Motorboat rentals average at €150 per day, making it €1,050 total for a week. Of course, the price depends on the boat type.

Motorboat models for rent:

These are the most common boats for rent in Croatia:

  • Motorboat – a boat known for its speed and power that is propelled by an engine, either inboard or outboard.
  • RIB – a lightweight, high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale.
  • Jet ski – a small jet-propelled vehicle that skims across the surface of the water, and is ridden like a motorcycle.
  • Houseboat – a boat designed or modified to be used primarily as a home, RV of the sea.
  • Motor yacht – a large and luxurious pleasure vessel, motor yachts rely on engines for propulsion and are designed for comfort and long-distance sea travel.

Renting Your Perfect Boat for a Blue Cave Adventure

Chartering a boat gives you the liberty to create your unique journey. You can go where and when you want, unlike the more rigid tour schedules. You might come across places offering motorboat rentals without a license, it’s not legal, sound, or advisable to rent without a license. Consider hiring a skipper with your boat, which most rental services readily provide.

Choose your path to the Blue Cave, be it a leisurely sail or a quick motorboat ride. Should you have any questions check out our FAQ page. And if you are interested in Blue Cave tours we have you covered.