left picture of Brac, right picture of Blue Cave

Blue Cave Tour From Brač

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Magical Blue Cave Island Hopping

Embark on an exhilarating island-hopping adventure from Milna or Supetar on Brač island. Dive into the mesmerizing waters of the Blue Lagoon and wander through Hvar’s ancient streets.

Your journey commences with a swift speedboat ride to Biševo Island, home to the iconic Blue Cave. Its best time? Morning, when calm waters allow the sun to paint the cave in breathtaking blue hues. Upon anchoring, transition to a small paddle boat to truly appreciate its luminance. Then, meander through Komiža on Vis Island. A coastal gem with a rich history, its cliffs and harbor architecture narrate tales of bygone eras. Proceed to the captivating Stiniva cove, recognized as one of Europe’s finest beaches. Near Budikovac Island, the crystal-clear Blue Lagoon beckons a refreshing swim.

Your following stop is the lush botanical garden in Palmižana Bay. Finally, drop anchor at Hvar. Soak in its cultural treasures before retracing your journey to Brač.


  1. Start: Brač – choose from Milna, Supetar, or Postira
  2. Departure: set sail from your chosen port on Brač, embarking on an immersive island-hopping adventure
  3. Biševo island – Blue Cave (2 hours +/-30 minutes): begin with the famous Blue Cave best visited in the morning when the seas are calm, anchor nearby and then transfer to a wooden paddle boat, inside the cave, witness the mesmerizing blue hue
  4. Vis Island – Komiza Town: (20 minutes) this coastal town, once a military base, offers a rich history, wander around to admire its stunning cliffs and traditional architecture
  5. Vis island – Stiniva Cove (30 minutes): a naturally secluded bay renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches
  6. Budikovac Island – Blue Lagoon (15 minutes): plunge into the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon, a pristine spot for a refreshing swim
  7. Pakleni Islands – Palmizana (40 minutes): take a moment to appreciate the verdant botanical garden nestled in Palmižana Bay within the Pakleni Islands
  8. Hvar Island – Hvar Town (15 minutes): as your final stop, disembark at Hvar Town, walk its charming streets, soaking in the ambiance of its ancient architecture and local treasures
  9. Return (1-2 hours): after a day filled with awe-inspiring sights and experiences, journey back to Brač

Travel durations provided are estimates and not guaranteed to be precise.

Whatever starting point you choose, every tour offers beautiful scenery and great memories. If you have any questions make sure to check out our detailed FAQ page. Our checklist of what items to bring on your Blue Cave trip might help you pack wisely. And don’t forget, the Croatian coast hides not just one, but several Blue Caves you should know the differences. Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the heart of Croatia’s natural beauty.