left picture of Trogir, right picture of Blue Cave

Blue Cave Tour From Trogir

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5 Islands Day Trip with Blue Cave

Set sail on a captivating speedboat day trip covering 5 of Croatia’s islands. Whether you’re in Trogir or Split, kick off your journey and select between a small-group or a personal private tour.

Within 90 minutes, arrive at Biševo Island where a local boat awaits to unveil the mesmerizing blue radiance of the Blue Cave. Next, immerse yourself in Komiža on the island of Vis, capturing the essence of a traditional Dalmatian fishing village. Bask in the sun and enjoy a 15-minute refreshing swim at the secluded Stiniva Cove. Dive deeper into the beauty at Budikovac’s Blue Lagoon; the onboard snorkeling gear is ready for your aquatic exploration.

Conclude your adventure in Hvar. Here, savor a leisurely lunch, wander the historic town center, and ascend the Španjola Fortress for a breathtaking panorama. As the sun sets, speedboat back to Split or Trogir, cherishing the day’s memories.


Starting Locations (Choose one):

Providenca Travel & Charter – Boat Rental And Excursion, with options at Trogir and Split

  1. Transfer: Begin your adventure with a 1.5-hour speedboat ride, letting the wind and waves set the mood for the day.
  2. Blue Cave (30 minutes): Be mesmerized by the surreal blue glow of this iconic Blue Grotto, a true gem of nature’s beauty.
  3. Komiža (1 hour): Wander the cobblestone streets of this charming fishing village. Absorb its rich history and perhaps enjoy a quick local treat.
  4. Stiniva Cove (30 minutes): Take a refreshing dip in this secluded cove, surrounded by dramatic cliffs.
  5. Budikovac Blue Lagoon (1 hour): Dive into some snorkeling in these pristine blue waters. Witness the underwater beauty of Croatia and feel the tranquility the lagoon offers.
  6. Hvar Island (2.5 hours): Devote time to exploring the bustling port city of Hvar. Visit historic landmarks, enjoy local cuisine, and perhaps hike up to the Španjola Fortress for a panoramic view of the Pakleni Islands.
  7. Transfer (1 hour): As the day winds down, relax on a leisurely ride back, reflecting on your day’s adventures.

Drop-off Locations (Choose one):

Providenca Travel & Charter – Boat Rental And Excursion (Options in Trogir, Split)

Travel durations provided are estimates and not guaranteed to be precise.

Whatever starting point you choose, every tour offers beautiful scenery and great memories. If you have any questions make sure to check out our detailed FAQ page. Our checklist of what items to bring on your Blue Cave trip might help you pack wisely. And don’t forget, the Croatian coast hides not just one, but several Blue Caves you should know the differences. Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the heart of Croatia’s natural beauty.