Arial view of the amazing Blue Lagoon at Drvenik Veli.

Is there parking at the Blue Lagoon?

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No, there is no parking available at the Blue Lagoon itself. However, the island of Drvenik Veli has villages and roads, you could bring your car by ferry. But using it my be annoying due to small roads and little to no parking.

Where can I park when visiting Blue Lagoon?

You can park your car in the town your Plava Laguna trip starts, which is the most commonly Trogir.

How much does parking cost in Trogir?

Parking in Trogir typically costs 3€ per hour, there are more expensive parking’s at 6€ per hour.

Is the parking in Trogir secure?

Yes, parking areas in Trogir are generally secure, but it’s always best to avoid leaving valuables in your car or make sure they are not visible.

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How far is parking from Blue Lagoon tours departure point?

Parking areas in towns like Trogir are usually within a short walking distance. Meaning 5 to 10 minutes, from the departure points for Blue Lagoon tours.

Is there disabled parking in Trogir?

Yes, there are designated disabled parking spots available in Trogir and other Dalmatian towns.

Can I park my motorhome/RV in Trogir?

Yes, there are spots available for motor-homes/RVs in Trogir and surrounding towns, but spaces may be limited.

Can I park my motorcycle in Trogir?

Yes, you can park your motorcycle in designated parking areas in Trogir.

Is it possible to reserve a parking spot in Trogir?

Parking spots in Trogir are on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations are not typically available.

Are there any time restrictions for parking in Trogir?

Some parking areas in Trogir may have time restrictions, so be sure to check the signs for specific details.

Can I leave my car overnight in the parking lots in Trogir?

Yes, overnight parking is allowed in parking lots in Trogir, but it’s best to check the specific lot’s regulations.

Are there parking facilities on Drvenik Veli Island?

No, there are no parking facilities on Drvenik Veli Island.

How do I pay for parking in Trogir?

Parking can be paid for at meters, pay stations, or via mobile apps in Trogir and other Croatian towns.

What happens if I overstay my parking time in Trogir?

If you overstay your parking time, you may receive a fine and/or your car may be towed and you will have to pick it up and pay for it at the lot.

Can I extend my parking time remotely?

Yes, if you use a mobile app to pay for parking, you can typically extend your parking time remotely.

Are there free parking options in Trogir?

To find parking 5 minutes outside the city center, type “sportska dvorana Trogirin your navigation app. This will take you to a big open lot that is also free.

Free parking is limited in Trogir and mostly available on the outskirts of the town.

Is there shuttle service from the parking to Blue Lagoon departure point?

No, there is no shuttle service, but the parking lots are within walking distance to the departure points. And there are city buses.

Are there electric car charging points in the parking lots in Trogir?

Some of the electric car charging points at Trogir are available at:

  • Hotel Ola. 296 Ulica Hrvatskih žrtava
  • Hrvatski Telekom – Tommy – Trogir. 6 Trogirska cesta
  • Instalacja Šuko – Trogir. 18 Ulica kneza Trpimira.

How early should I arrive to ensure I get a parking spot?

It’s best to arrive early, especially during peak tourist season, to secure a parking spot—ideally at least an hour before your tour.

Is there bicycle parking in Trogir?

Yes, there are bicycle racks available for parking in Trogir.

Are there any nearby alternatives if the parking in Trogir is full?

If parking in Trogir is full, you can try nearby towns like Seget Donji or Divulje and then take a local bus or taxi to Trogir.

Do the parking lots in Trogir have CCTV?

Some parking lots in Trogir are equipped with CCTV for added security.

Are pets allowed in the parking areas?

Yes, pets are allowed in the parking areas, but they must be supervised and leashed.

Can I park a rental car in Trogir?

Yes, you can park a rental car in Trogir.

What do I do if I lose my parking ticket?

If you lose your parking ticket, contact the parking attendant or use the help button at the pay station for assistance.

Are there specific parking lots for long-term parking in Trogir?

No, there are no parking lots in Trogir that offer long-term parking options.

What are the peak hours for parking availability in Trogir?

Peak hours are in the morning from 8 AM to 12 PM, especially during the summer tourist season.

Are there any height restrictions for vehicles in the parking areas in Trogir?

Some parking areas may have height restrictions, so it’s best to check signage at the entrance of the lot.